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Different is Clarity

You are different. You like different things. You pursue different opportunities. You light up at different ideas. And being different can feel like shame. Why can’t I be more like them? Why am I the only one who doesn’t _____? But different is a great gift. The way you are different is clarity about the…

Back in the Shop

Bishop Milton Wright grew up on a farm in Indiana. His wife died of Tuberculosis, leaving the Bishop with their five remaining children (two others died in infancy). Wright read obsessively and cultivated in his kids a desire to learn. Two of his children developed an obsessive fascination with the possibility of human flight. In…


I learned something about my life through a favorite author, David McCullough. McCullough, two time winning Pulitzer Prize winner, died last year. Generally, I can’t get through biographies, but his books don’t read like biographies. I learned that in his youth, McCullough aspired to paint portraits. In his 20s, he thought he would write plays.…


At any time I am one of two people: A. Someone who initiates B. Someone who expects someone else to initiate. The first is active, the second is passive. The verb in the first is to initiate. The verb in the second is to expect. I am always deciding if I will be the the…


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