A stop doing list

How do you know when to stop? How do you know what to stop? My friend Adam Johnson says we should all create a “stop doing list.” In a world of more-more-more, this might be the best advice of the year. The question is: what? An important distinction Efficiency is trying to fit more in.... Continue Reading →

Clearing up Easter

I'm not celebrating Easter because it's in the Bible. If you have thought about why Easter is on the calendar, you probably assume something like this: Christians go to churchThey use a Bible at churchThe Bible tells a story about easterSo Christian’s celebrate easterSince there’s a bunch of Christians around, we put Easter on the... Continue Reading →

The best conflict

Problem solvers love to…well…solve problems. The most difficult of problems are nearly always relational.  And so, for the problem solver hoping to make a difference, they get involved.  Bosses find out about dysfunctions in meetings on between leaders and followers.Boards sense a lack of growth and get involved in day-to-day decisions.Parents intervene when siblings have... Continue Reading →

If you measure the wrong thing

Change stalls when we measure the wrong thing. Most people want to win. And even if they aren't motivated by winning, they are a magnet for acceptance. Everybody around you craves direction about what they should be doing. If you aren't telling them, they are lost. The best way to reinforce what you've told them... Continue Reading →

3 ways to lead your team this week

Leadership is more verb than noun, it's more about activity than title. Sometimes in the milieu of decisions, meetings, and lists we forget to lead. Here are three things you can do to lead your team this week: Define the scoreboard, scope, and speed. Scoreboard The scoreboard tells you if you are winning. You can... Continue Reading →

How Change Settles In

Progress is impossible without structure. Change agents who want to root their hoped-for vision into the DNA of what they're leading have to support change with structure. Change launches with the appeal of the vision and believability of the leader. Change sticks by rooting change into culture: how you communicate, organize, and decide. The quickest... Continue Reading →

Before The Autopsy

This time next year you may be evaluating 2021. You should. Neglecting to evaluate leaves learning on the table. We should consistently debrief events, hiring, meetings, and decisions. But first, we should name what’s most important. A debrief without values becomes a potpourri of unfiltered opinions. Maybe you stopped asking how it went because you... Continue Reading →

Get Back in the Canoe

I’m tired. My guess is, you are too. Leading during change can be both exhilarating and exhausting. We know on the other side of the new year, 2021 will require more adaptation, clarity, and decision-making. What do we do when we’re tired, but the work is unfinished? Perhaps Lewis and Clark can help. The year... Continue Reading →

Never Trust a Whiteboard

More will change in 2021 than in 2020. Organizations fighting to stay afloat this year will lay anchor a new world next year. In the unknown of change, meetings will be called and brainstorming will commence with everyone’s trusty friend: the whiteboard. Whiteboards live in boardrooms surrounded by staff freely ideating the future. You can... Continue Reading →

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