You can’t make old friends

As you consider what you will pursue this year - I recommend pursuing people. For many years Nicole and I have done something that will sound wildly offensive. We sit down and (separately) make a list of what we call our A friends, B friends, and C friends. Here’s why. About ten years ago we... Continue Reading →

Running your family like a business

“Because we run our family like a business.” I overheard my wife saying this to someone. I think it was at a 10 year-old birthday party.  I had picked up this conversation mid-stream. It’s true. We (try to) run our family like a (mildly successful) business. I reflected on what Nicole said, and I thought... Continue Reading →

One clear option

Our neighbor is a business coach. This week he told me some advice he got from his business coach. ‘If you have multiple options, more than likely you need to stay put. It’s only time to move forward when you have one clear option.’ Here's why I love this advice. I hear too many leaders... Continue Reading →

It will be difficult

My neighbor was over late the other night. He said something that encouraged me. “The Erickson's are moving." My neighbor is really going to miss them. He paused, and then reflected, "You know, a lot of people come here for a little while and leave. Living here is hard.” You know what? Living here is... Continue Reading →

Leading on your way out

Leaving well is a full-time job. The more invested you have been, the more intentionally it requires to end well. Great leadership is required at the beginning and end, the takeoff and the landing. If you’re transitioning out of a career, a home, a town, or into a new season: lead. Most things don’t end... Continue Reading →

Overcoming overwhelmed

Last week we were feeling overwhelmed. There is more on our plate than we've ever had. I returned to a few nugget's I had documented from wise people around me. Here's three quick insights on what to do when you're overwhelmed. Don't play the hero. Instead, choose collaboration. People want to help. Moreover, they'd love... Continue Reading →

Don’t chase cool

You shouldn’t chase cool.  Cool is always changing. By itself “cool” isn’t profitable, it doesn’t create positive impact, or solve real problems. If you went to high school you understand: being an influencer is as fading as being popular. Here’s the clearest sign I know that being cool is overrated: kind isn’t cool. Kind is... Continue Reading →

Why what you tried didn’t work

There are three (and only three) reasons things don’t work. Three reasons plans fail You had the wrong plan. You had a plan, but didn’t do it. You had a plan, but executed it poorly. So… Did you execute your plan? If you did, you either did it poorly or had the wrong one. Did... Continue Reading →

How to make imperfect decisions

There are very few perfect decisions. Every decision has costs, downsides, and unknowns. Buying a house is an apt example for understanding this dynamic. After all, there is no perfect house. If there was, you couldn't afford it. "It's perfect!" House shopping is the process of prioritizing your preferences. Experienced home-buyers make separate lists of... Continue Reading →

Momentum Sucks

The momentum in any organization will always be towards what already is. But sometimes what already is becomes the biggest obstacle to what could be. We often like what is. After all, getting there took work. Momentum is the result of discipline, intentionality, and consistency. Momentum feels good. It's easy. It lives in the habits... Continue Reading →

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