The Hell Yes

I travelled too much last year. I know this because my neighbor told me, “You travel too much.” Thanks Brent; clear is kind.

Now, before you jump down my throat about it, Nicole was on board. We understood what we were getting into and knew it neither sustainable or forever. But at the tail end of the travel marathon I asked a handful of friends (whose work also requires they travel a lot) how they think about travel.

I learned a lot. There was some good advice about travel boundaries. A friend, who works in sales, blocks 16 day chunks to be home (two full weeks plus the weekend on either side). Another never travels on back to back weeks. Another keeps their body on their native time zone no matter where they are.

The most helpful advice I got about travel was to find my hell yes.

That is, name the 3-4 characteristics for a travel opportunity that make you say “hell yes!” All the other opportunities can still be evaluated, but identifying what we want to chase has led to greater clarity and more buy-in this year. It helps me avoid the accidental yes, and lean into the best yes with gusto.

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