One clear option

Our neighbor is a business coach. This week he told me some advice he got from his business coach.

‘If you have multiple options, more than likely you need to stay put. It’s only time to move forward when you have one clear option.’

Here’s why I love this advice.

I hear too many leaders who are plagued by paralysis. They feel behind, they think they’re stuck, they’re frustrated in the difficulty of where they are. And so they try to drum up options. They think more options will lead to more clarity.

But this 74 year-old business coach is saying: options are the opposite of clarity. Options make you spin your wheels. Options keep you frozen. Options tempt you to look around instead of looking down and getting to work.You may be pursuing options instead of running hard at what is right ahead of you.

Rather than trying to drum up more options, wait. Wait until there is one clear option.

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