It will be difficult

My neighbor was over late the other night. He said something that encouraged me.

“The Erickson’s are moving.” My neighbor is really going to miss them. He paused, and then reflected, “You know, a lot of people come here for a little while and leave. Living here is hard.”

You know what? Living here is hard. And it was so helpful that someone said it out loud. 

It’s difficult for me to face how life is difficult. But failing to acknowledge the challenge never makes me better prepared for it.

Where we live is hard for reasons I won’t go into here. We have no plans to move. Nicole and I have lived in 4 states together. All of them are hard. Every job is hard. Every significant relationship is hard. Whatever you are doing, and whatever you are doing next, it would be helpful to remember that it will be difficult.

We have many friends who are moving this year, many more who are changing jobs. Here’s one thing I’m reminding them: Where you are moving will be hard. It would be best to know why. If you know what is hard, you won’t feel crazy when it’s tiring. You will be better prepared to move through it, instead of trying to get around it.

You may be considering a new job. It will be hard. If you’re on the search for a new role, the most important thing you can learn about it is not its benefits, opportunities, or perks. Find out what hard you are walking into.

Difficult is not very fun to face, but it’s so helpful in keeping you engaged.

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