Unaccountable cost

I’m a wimp.

All too regularly I choose my own comfort over someone else’s development. I won’t pick up the phone to give them feedback, help them improve, or be a kind mirror. Failing to hold teammates accountable has a cost.

They don’t improve. Our integrity dampens. And, everybody else suffers.

When we don’t deal with the problem child, we (in effect) say to the group of healthy contributors “I’m willing to sacrifice you for the sake of this one.”

Or – I’ll sacrifice your job satisfaction and our vision for the sake of my comfort.

Or – Our values don’t really mean that much to me.

Or – Their bitterness or resentment or sabotage is more important to me than your valuable contribution.

Or – You can do it. You can tell them: I have something hard to say. I’ve avoided telling you a hard thing because it was going to be hard for me, or because I didn’t have the right words or examples, or I was afraid how it might make you feel. But here it is. 

Tell them the truth. Start with what you observe. They probably saw it a long time ago. They may even be grateful for someone who cares enough to point it out and help.

In sum, here are your two options:

  1. Address issues.
  2. Admit that you won’t.

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