The necessity of fear

“I would be more courageous if I was less afraid.”

So we believe.

We make things complicated when we don’t want to do them. We analyze as an excuse to avoid. We talk our way out of activity. Delay, we think, will make things easier.

If we are waiting to purge fear before becoming brave, we will never be. Fear doesn’t stop courage, it is a required ingredient.

Courage = fear + action

To be brave requires that we take steps. Courage isn’t stepping around that fear, it’s stepping through it.

Bravery isn’t usually about moving to Africa or going skydiving. The most brave people I know are courageous in relationships.

  • They decide to be honest about themselves and others. They are courageous about saying an uncomfortable truth.
  • They take the risk to be vulnerable. They risk their position in order to make a connection and pursue healing.
  • They stand up to bullies for those who can’t stand up for themselves. Often at the risk of their own status or influence.

If you are afraid, you are in the perfect position to choose courage. It will not choose you. Courage requires fear. And action.

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