The new world of work

Work is changing (duh). Here’s how I see it.

The first generation of corporate work stayed with the same company until they got the gold watch. The word here was stability. My grandpa worked at the same hospital most of his career. This was what I’ll call 1D work.

The next generation started a 2D trend of mobility. Eventually, we were told to expect to have 7 different jobs during our career. People move about every 7 years.

We are entering a third season. I think we’re returning to season of stability, but not a stability of place. A stability of contribution. Mobility is assumed. Now, employees offer to contribute what they can do to multiple companies at the same time.

3D Work

Doing the same thing, in different spaces, at the same time. For a long time.

How to jump-start 3D work: imagine your full time job is determining where you give your best contribution. Go figure that out. Then, practice it for as much impact as possible.

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