Authentic vs Prepared

Authenticity is the new standard for communication. Preaching, writing, and speaking that sounds phony will be dismissed or ignored. Perfection can actually be distracting. Polish isn’t nearly as potent as personal.

Then again

Sloppy isn’t impressive. If you meander aimlessly, we’ll probably stop listening. 

Authenticity, it turns out, isn’t the antithesis of personal. Thoughtfulness isn’t the opposite of preparation. 

Couples often write their own wedding vows that are incredibly personal and prepared. Can you imagine a bride deciding to “wing it” on her vows? (Okay, we can probably imagine a groom trying this). The Father of the Bride’s toast might not read from cue cards, but it’s thoughtful and authentic. 

When you order something at the drive through you are probably getting what you authentically want. And, you’ll do it better if you have thought it through.

Translation: You can be thoughtful and prepared. 

A few weeks ago our boss asked us what’s one thing we could improve on that would help the team. I decided I can be better prepared and more adaptable.

Here’s what I’m wrestling with: How do we have enough of a plan so we go somewhere, but enough openness to be surprised by new discoveries along the way? 

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