Better Questions

I’d like to get better at asking better questions.

Bad questions do this:

  • Make us feel stupid (trying to guess at the right answer)
  • Make you look stupid (they seem rhetorical, obvious, or overly theoretical)

Great questions do this:

  • Help us discover something new about others
  • Help us discover something new about ourselves

I’ve invited a few friends to help me think about their favorite questions. I called a few. I recorded a couple zoom calls, and even attempted to start a podcast. Then, here’s what I learned.

Great questions start with great attention.

The friends in my life that are best at asking great questions are the best at paying attention. They aren’t in a hurry to get to their question (the ones that are seem like show-offs anyway).

Here’s what they pay attention to:

  • What I’m saying
  • Their own wiring and desires
  • What they know to be true

I still want to ask better questions. I think it starts by being better attentive to people.

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