The ten minute solve

When you have an overwhelming problem it’s hard to know where to start.

You don’t clean the cluttered attic because you can’t picture where everything will go. Evaluating a product line feels daunting. Having a hard conversation feels like opening a can of worms.

So – don’t try to do it. Just start it. Every problem that feels overwhelming can be started in ten minutes.

The first ten minutes

Without direction, problems feel big and overwhelming. You’re never sure if the work spent is making a meaningful difference.

But with a direction, time is meaningfully invested toward a solution.

Pause for ten minutes and identify a direction. The goal right now isn’t to do stuff, the goal is to name the solution. It feels like “we need to get moving!” but actually you need to get a heading. Usually, the problem was actually about a lack of direction, not effort. Early on, clarity is more essential than sweat.

Take ten minutes and determine your direction. The first step is the hardest step. And every step after will be in the right (or at least, closer) direction.

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