Don’t chase cool

You shouldn’t chase cool. 

Cool is always changing. By itself “cool” isn’t profitable, it doesn’t create positive impact, or solve real problems.

If you went to high school you understand: being an influencer is as fading as being popular.

Here’s the clearest sign I know that being cool is overrated: kind isn’t cool.

Kind is kinda cheesy. To say what you mean, wholeheartedly, with eye contact and meaning – isn’t cool. To be cool is to put down, to live on the edge, and to overstate your own importance. To be kind is to build up, to live for others, and to look for their value.

The two hardest markets to break into are cars and cool.

Mark Cuban on Shark Tank, I can’t find this reference but I swear he said it 😉 

It isn’t worth your time and energy to try to be cool. Here’s another reason I know it: cool will always be evaluated by other people. Integrity is evaluated by you.

Why would you put your destiny in someone else’s fleeting hands? Integrity lasts. Impact lasts. Kindness is forever. Cool is lame.

Don’t chase cool.

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