How to learn something new

We’re teaching one kid how to snowboard and another to play piano. Meanwhile I’m trying to learn how to write.

I realized something about each our journeys

If you set aside a day to learn the piano, you’ll generate more frustration than skill. You won’t love the piano more after that day, you’ll love it less.

If you’re learning to snowboard, among the worst of strategies would be to try to do it all day. You’ll hate it. Long days actually lead to bad habits, poor form, and a bruised body.

Do it enough that you learn a little and still like it.

Learn it in bites.

If you’re thinking of learning something new this year, do it in bites.

  • Read 15 minutes 
  • Write 10 minutes 
  • Walk a mile or stretch for three songs
  • Skip the bad food for one meal
  • Write one thank you note

Right now the goal is to love it, not to perfect it.

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