The most common conversation I had in 2021

I had many interesting conversations in 2021. I believe the most common one was: what should I do with my life?

People are wrestling with this.

  • They’re wondering if they should stay home.
  • If they should leave their job.
  • If they could start their own company.
  • Where they want to invest their next weekend, and next decade.

Very few are positive about what they should do. But I am positive of something: you can help.

Most of us are ignorant to what we uniquely bring to the world. We aren’t aware of what we bring to the people around us. We may be more aware of our limitations than our contributions.

You can help.

You can tell the people around you what they bring to you. 

  • My friend Tido exports belief. The people around him believe more in themselves and in a big God.
  • My colleague Julie makes you believe your idea matters and that it can get done.
  • My son Teague helps everybody feel seen.

Why not tell them?

Do you remember the season of your life when someone spoke the words that helped define you? Of course you do! You can do that for someone, and you can do it this year. 

Last January I wrote that more was going to change in 2021 than in 2020. I think I was right, but I didn’t know what was going to change. I think more people are changing. They are waking up to who they are, and this year we can help.

Here’s what you do: tell them.

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