The Titanic famously had too few lifeboats. It claimed to be unsinkable. But it sunk for another fatal reason: hurry.

Titanic sunk on April 15, 1912 because it’s captain got a wild idea: let’s get there early.

They felt pressure to make a headline. As we all know, they did make a headline, and not nearly the one they hoped.

Most often there is no prize for arriving early.

I’m a big fan of moving fast. But sometimes you need to get it right. Sometimes getting it right means slowing down.

Those of us who love speed sometimes overlook people’s hesitancy because we think they need more courage. Perhaps they do. Perhaps we need more courage to wait.

Sleep on it.

Ask someone else if it’s ready.

If you feel a gut check (but want it to be over), wait.

“Don’t decide today something that can reasonably be put off till tomorrow.”

(I can’t find where this quote is from, but I love it)

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