Ten thoughts on leaving well

This summer I left a job at a large church in Atlanta for a small consulting firm in Utah. I knew that how I left was as important as where I was going. Leaving well is a full-time job. Here’s a few things I observed about leaving well.

  1. The minute before you announce your departure is the last minute your opinion matters.
  2. If you haven’t prepared people to lead, don’t be prepared for them to be ready for you to leave.
  3. Remove yourself from meetings you led before they do.
  4. Show up once more relationally than they expected. 
  5. Transition is often harder for the folks left behind than for the person leaving.
  6. Your goodbye speech should be about your belief in the people who are still there.
  7. You can’t control the narrative. 
  8. Insecure people will not appreciate you chasing greatness.
  9. Criticizing on your way out says more about you than it says about them.
  10. If they honor you on the way out, listen to what they say. Sometimes what they say thank you for is the same thing that you got most in trouble for. 

There’s a lot more to say. I’d love to learn what you’ve observed about leaving well (whether you’ve left or have watched others leave). Shoot me a message on LinkedIn, I’d love to connect.

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