Two reasons people should leave

In the war for talent, there is a lot of attention paid to attrition. Keeping employees is difficult. Stability is nearly impossible to maintain.

Yet, there are (at least) two good reasons people should be leaving.

Here they are:

1. You’re sending them out.

Leaders develop people. Under your leadership people are discovering more in themselves and being launched into new opportunity.

While losing good people is painful, when you create a culture of growth and empowerment, good people want to come work for you. Sending people out is, paradoxically, a great way to attract and keep good people.

2. They aren’t aligned.

People should be leaving if they aren’t in sync with your mission. Leaders create organizational culture where it’s obvious that your work is too important for apathy to have a seat at the table. Your values should be so clear that people opt out. The clearest values create clear pathways for exit.

People will leave. Sometimes they should.

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