Skip a step

Opportunity is very UNLIKE winning the lottery. It doesn’t come in a tidal wave. If there is a big public breakthrough, it nearly always follows a series of unseen steps.

Step by step you build expertise, gain credibility, gather a following, retain trust, and are gradually positioned as an authority.

Success starts by putting one foot in front of the other

While most successful people understand the law of the steps, the most successful people are most willing to skip a step.

Leaders can identify when to skip steps when they care less about “supposed to.” Spend less time reading the script of the people before you and ask what is the most direct route?

There’s only way that you can do this with any hope of success: uncommon levels of discipline. 

There is nobody watching to make sure you followed these steps. The well-worn path of success is safe.

Forget safe. 

Write out your next five steps. Are there any of these steps that are just delaying you and keeping you playing small?

What in your future biography would make the reader lose interest?

Are there any steps you can speed up? 

  • Skip the town hall meeting and BBB. Don’t settle for trying to look good when you could spend time becoming great.
  • Skip the rebound relationship. Don’t settle for another emotionally depleting date.
  • Skip the entry level product. Create a product that rocks someone’s world. 
  • Skip the summer selling at the farmers market and go straight to the manager at Whole Foods.
  • Skip the years of passively building a social media following and make a sales call.
  • Skip the vision statement that sounds achievable.
  • Skip the confrontation where you hope they come to a conclusion on their own.
  • Skip the step where you buy some plants to cover up the bad paint job and repaint the living room.

Skip a step. You’ll discover strength you didn’t know you had, and momentum you didn’t know was possible.

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