Craving negativity

Why is it that when people complain, we lean in?

The news is filled with constant complaint. Gossip is more fun to talk about than success. And whining feels better than celebrating. At least, it feels better for a minute. 

Someone else’s bad news is like sugar. It takes good going down and leaves us feeling junky later. It provides no nutritional value.

It’s tempting to lead from a negative position. After all, when I criticize I feel smart. I like feeling smart.

Though we crave negativity, we follow optimism. We love following people who are optimistic about the future. Who believe the best days are ahead of us.

It’s nice to have confidence. You have to have optimism. 

Don’t feed the hunger for critical. That appetite can only be starved away.

Feed optimism. You’ll find the people hungry for cynicism will have to go away (and good riddance).

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