Keep saying the problem

Your organization is a solution to a problem.

Your business is pain management.

Leaders, your job is to keep talking about the problem. This comes as a surprise to most leaders who want to talk about their solution.

For your customers: The person who can most clearly articulate the problem is often trusted with the solution.

For your colleagues and teammates: Today’s solution will quickly be outdated. More than likely, the problem will remain. Keep the problem front and center and you’ll keep driven people around.

It’s the problem, not the solution, that keeps people hungry.

Say it again and again. Remember: nobody else is waking up thinking about this problem. Your responsibility is to stay focused on the problem and keep the people around you passionately interested in solving it.

It’s easy to get distracted away from the problem into problems.

If people keep bringing up internal problems, it’s a sign you haven’t been as articulate, diligent, or persistent with THE problem. Staff always drift towards the problems they see most often (each other), and so you have to keep the problem that’s out there in front of them.

Why you exist must be in existence in every meeting. 

It must drip out in your communication.

It should be celebrated as often as possible.

It’s your responsibility, and your surest strategy for keeping your team focused.

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