Boredom’s Cure

All Adventure begins with: yes

Boredom is sameness on repeat.

We rotate the same outfits, recipes, vacations, and friends.

You can probably predict the next dozen weekends by looking at the last dozen.

The sneaky solution to boredom is to reject sameness (though, not sane-ness).

If you are adventure-minded, you may be able to invent something new to try. But, many of us can’t imagine something new (or it sounds exhausting to do so).

The sneaky solution to sameness is in the other people who, though stuck in their own sameness, have a different sameness than you.

They are stuck on recipes too, but different ones. 

They recycle the same workouts, hikes, date nights, and conversations – but different ones than you do.

Adventure stars by exploring the boundaries of your ignorance. Adventure starts with yes. Specifically, adventure begins by saying yes to people.

Millions of people long for immortality who don’t know what to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Susan Ertz

All this is another way to say: rather than kick boredom by doing something new, start an adventure by connecting with someone new.

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