If you measure the wrong thing

Change stalls when we measure the wrong thing.

Most people want to win. And even if they aren’t motivated by winning, they are a magnet for acceptance.

Everybody around you craves direction about what they should be doing. If you aren’t telling them, they are lost. The best way to reinforce what you’ve told them is by what you ask them.

Metrics are another way of adding regularity and rhythm to what you ask. If your metrics aren’t aligned to your new vision, they are aligned to something else. And that something else is going to pull everybody else away.

Vision takes off when a clear vision makes its way into the daily behavior of the people around you.

Want to get healthier? Count how many desserts you eat and miles you walk.

Walk to communicate clearly? Evaluate how many times you repeat the vision this week.

Want better friendships? Tally how many words of encouragement you give.

Curious if your change is destined for failure (okay, that’s a bit dramatic). Start here.

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