Three signs you can promote them

Our legacy as leaders may be less about the decisions we make than the people who surround us. Leaders who play hero ball don’t last long or win often. Lone wolfs rarely become pack leaders.

Who should we surround ourselves with?

During times of change, we need the right people leading around us and beside us. Here’s who I’d pick.

1. Those complain the least.

When in doubt, leave the complainers out. Complainers rarely have grit and almost never add creativity. As my friend Clay Scroggins says, we need people who can think critically without being critical. Positivity is contagious, and negativity is too expensive. Surround yourself with the people who complain the least.

Oh, and never promote people to win them over.

2. People with the capacity to be decisive.

Decision-making is often more an emotional than cerebral act. Look for people who can stand on their own two feet, who don’t capitulate to complaint. They don’t have to make every decision. In fact, emotionally mature people are often the most comfortable standing behind the decisions of others.

3. “I’ll follow them”

Would you follow them? Most leaders will follow other leaders who are humble and hard working. Humble people listen. You trust their moral fiber. Don’t hire someone who is already looking for an excuse to do less. People who want to be the exception are rarely exceptional.

Years from now, you won’t be remembered for the decisions you made. The greatest impact will be the people beside you. Who you appoint matters a lot. And it says a lot about you.

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