Un-failing change

Why does change go so badly?

We sit through energetic vision-casts about change and mostly do what we’ve done before.

We try to change our families and feel like a minivan hitting speed humps.

Perhaps you’ve tried to start exercising but lost motivation after half a dozen runs.

Perhaps you’ve led a team who told you change was needed, and then seemed skeptical and resistant once it started.


Why is it so difficult for change to take hold? Why does it feel clunky, slow, or disjointed?

Healthy Change

If your health is failing, you can run a series of diagnostic tests to see what’s happening. Before your health fails you can run the same tests to see what might go wrong.

Healthy change requires five ingredients, preferably done in sequence. None will surprise you. You might quickly point to one that was missing in the last change you experienced.

I create a diagnostic tool to help you identify where your change is most likely to stumble.

You can take The Change Inventory for free here.

If you want to learn more, subscribe today and I’ll send you helpful content about leading change through each of these five areas.

In the meantime, remember: Change is emotional, logistical, and behavioral. While leading change is not complicated, it takes intentionality. You must pay attention to the emotions, behaviors, and participants who either get in the way or help it get going.

And, you can do it.

Not only can you do it, but my guess is that someone needs you too. While waiting won’t make it easier, preparing will.

Take The Change Inventory today. Then, let me know how it’s going.


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