Your one word job description

We give everybody a one sentence job description. The theory is that when you don’t know what to do, do this one sentence.

But we can do better.

During change, leadership is even more confusing. What should leaders be doing? There is so much to do, and none of us can do it all well.

Here is what you must do: you must gather everyone’s attention to what is most important. Your one sentence job description during change is: Attention.

Attention, not influence or time or energy or metrics, is the leaders #1 currency. If you have it, you can direct it. Imagine an orchestra without the attention of a conductor. You would get plenty of noise, but not music. A conductor ensures everybody is performing together. In an orchestra the musicians are not playing the same instrument or even the same notes – but they should be playing in the same key and moving in the same direction.

During change, we help the people we lead stop looking at one thing and look at another. We make sure they’re playing in the same key. We help turn their attention in a new direction.

If your job is attention, how do you get their attention? Better yet, how do you focus their attention? You don’t have to be the most hyper, daring, or brash. You don’t need catchy slogans, gimmicks, custom coffee cups, or mediocre wall art.

Here are three ways you gather attention:

  1. What you ask.
  2. What you celebrate.
  3. How you spend your time (especially during meetings).

If you skip all the fanfare, branding, and new mission statements but do this – you’ll see results. You’ll feel like you’re going somewhere. In fact, meaningful change will root itself in your future.

I’ll spend the next three weeks giving specific application of each of these three ways to gather attention. Subscribe today and I’ll send it directly to your inbox.

The best leaders have a plan to lead through whatever change is coming next. If you need a plan, want to create a plan, or talk about your plan, I can help. You can text me today, start here.

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