Values make decisions clearer

When you know what you value, it makes decisions clearer. And, it holds you more accountable. Teams should e-value-ate each other's decisions based on adherence to what they say they care about most. Often, we don't. After all, values will make decisions clearer - values will not make decisions easier. It's easy to bend our... Continue Reading →

Delegate vs defer

To delegate is to say: you do this task. To defer is to say: I trust you to make this decision. Sometimes you need to delegate. But if you always delegate without deferring, you'll won't develop the people around you. Over-relying on delegating demonstrates a belief in your way, not in a belief to your... Continue Reading →

(When) things fall apart

When you do anything that has high stakes, something will go wrong. You might get a flat tire on your roadtrip, send the wrong registration link to an important event, or forget a detail that's critical. More than likely, you'll feel terrible. Almost certainly, people will complain. Here's how to respond. Actually, this happened to... Continue Reading →

Your next job

Lots of people are processing what they might do next. I've drawn this for a few friends and it seems to have helped. Hope it helps you. There are some places you are going to feel like a great fit. There are others that are going to exhaust and deplete you. While you might be... Continue Reading →

Overcoming overwhelmed

Last week we were feeling overwhelmed. There is more on our plate than we've ever had. I returned to a few nugget's I had documented from wise people around me. Here's three quick insights on what to do when you're overwhelmed. Don't play the hero. Instead, choose collaboration. People want to help. Moreover, they'd love... Continue Reading →

The new world of work

Work is changing (duh). Here's how I see it. The first generation of corporate work stayed with the same company until they got the gold watch. The word here was stability. My grandpa worked at the same hospital most of his career. This was what I'll call 1D work. The next generation started a 2D... Continue Reading →

A stop doing list

How do you know when to stop? How do you know what to stop? My friend Adam Johnson says we should all create a “stop doing list.” In a world of more-more-more, this might be the best advice of the year. The question is: what? An important distinction Efficiency is trying to fit more in.... Continue Reading →

Authentic vs Prepared

Authenticity is the new standard for communication. Preaching, writing, and speaking that sounds phony will be dismissed or ignored. Perfection can actually be distracting. Polish isn’t nearly as potent as personal. Then again Sloppy isn’t impressive. If you meander aimlessly, we’ll probably stop listening.  Authenticity, it turns out, isn’t the antithesis of personal. Thoughtfulness isn’t... Continue Reading →

Better Questions

I'd like to get better at asking better questions. Bad questions do this: Make us feel stupid (trying to guess at the right answer)Make you look stupid (they seem rhetorical, obvious, or overly theoretical) Great questions do this: Help us discover something new about othersHelp us discover something new about ourselves I've invited a few... Continue Reading →

The Add Drop Date

In a university setting there is something called an add-drop date, the deadline in a semester to drop a class that isn’t going well.  When I worked with engineering students, it was common practice to encourage freshmen calculus students to drop calculus if they are failing so as to now permanently damage their GPA (especially... Continue Reading →

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